About us

Our corporate philosophy

The philosophy of Commodity Mida Trading AG is based on experience, scientific publications, and the history of gold and silver.

Working with precious metals in private asset planning has always been a basic principle of asset planning and protection worldwide.

In the past 60 years, various investment possibilities based solely on interest gains (but unfortunately often with losses of security) have increasingly led to the renunciation of precious metals, and therefore to losses on the invested assets.

For this reason, it is important to remember that in many parts of the world, safeguarding precious metals to protect assets is even recommended in fundamental, socially relevant, national documents.

In some countries, for example, there is a ban on interest rates, which makes precious metals especially interesting for those who live there. In addition, in countries where state pensions are not provided, precious metals still form the basis of retirement provision today.

In our opinion, the return to dividing property into various assets, and preserving liquidity at all times, is an important part of personal asset management. Tangible precious metals makes this accessible to all people. (See also the explanations to the 3-spokes theory in “Generation Pleite” by Mathias Müller-Michaelis).

Meanwhile, numerous scientific papers refer to the value-preserving nature of precious metals and their use as an alternative currency.

Consistent value maintenance, encompassing steady value increases over 5000 years and easily transported from one location to another are unique attributes of the precious metals gold and silver (also, considerably later, of the industrial metals platinum and palladium).

Our philosophy is to buy gold and silver as a foundation of asset protection. We purchase the precious metals in their tangible form for a maximum of 33% of the liquid assets.

Thus, these two precious metals are a tangible foundation for safeguarding assets, being 100% physically available and tradable at all times. The commodities can be exchanged in any currency in the world, and can be dispatched worldwide, barring legal issues limitations.

If possible, precious metals should be kept for at least 10 years.

Allocation of the two precious metals should be 50% each.

Asset security can be planned. The decision is yours..