Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics of Commodity Mida Trading AG

Commodity Mida Trading AG is a renowned precious metals dealer headquartered in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

In this capacity, the company also holds a responsibility towards its international clientele, in terms of product quality and origin.

Commodity Mida Trading AG supports international efforts to prevent financing terrorist activity, military conflicts and human rights violations in the precious metals industry.

Each delivery of precious metals is checked on receipt. The LBMA certified manufacturers and their working conditions and supplier identification are inspected very closely.

Besides these ethically motivated supplier tests, Commodity Mida Trading AG also requires its sales representatives to comply with its ethically and morally motivated principles when advising a customer.

During the training, testing and certifying of precious metals consultants, Commodity Mida Trading AG sales representatives learn the sales principles of Commodity Mida Trading AG.

These include, inter alia, restricting tangible precious metal purchases to a maximum of 33% of the available customer liquidity.

The advantages and risks of purchasing and storage abroad must also be communicated to the customer in a comprehensible, non-political and/or ethnically motivated fashion.

Compliance with country-specific money laundering regulations or partial precious metal use or purchase restrictions is mandatory, as are explanations for fluctuations in the prices of precious metals or exchange rates (especially between the US dollar and the euro).

Commodity Mida Trading AG expressly declares that customers’ active asset investments are not to be liquidated for the purchase of precious metals.

Every customer must be able to make all of his own decisions relating to his assets.

Having passed the training examination, the sales representative agrees to the Commodity Media Trading AG code of ethics, and undertakes to comply with these rules.