Corporate Vision

The corporate vision

Globalisation brings about never-ending investment opportunities in the most diverse fields, each carrying a certain level of risk.

With few exceptions, these financial assets are mainly based on monetary value and interest-rate gains, carrying the risk of total loss.

Looking back over the past 50 years, we see a plethora of examples. Incomprehensible global market developments are constantly bringing investors nasty surprises, and the latest bank interest rates have led to unexpected interest losses. Products once classified as secure investments are losing a considerable amount of substance.

Trillions of savers’ euros vanish into thin air.

Considering this investment environment; in view of increasing governmental and corporate controlling power (the former instating money laundering regulations and anti-terrorism laws; the latter dominating media) and witnessing more and more dubious information precious metal trading house Commodity Mida Trading AG shares their vision. The vision to provide any buyer capable of a one-time payment of €1,000.00 or a monthly fee of €50.00 secure pure precious metals investments.

Every West German buyer taking advantage of this opportunity 60 years ago, when there were no purchasing limitations, purchasing one kilogram of gold for approx. DM 4,714.26, have now, tax-free, increased their assets exorbitantly, have survived 4 global stock market crashes as well as currency reforms without investment or performance losses. Our company’s core concerns are adapting tangible precious metals to these international, modern times. With the ever-changing political regulations and commercial laws, we ensure comfortable and timely handling of the metals, with a high degree of goods and data security. This will not change in the future.

Should an investor, upon reflecting on the nature of secure investments, conclude that a precious metal deposit with Commodity Mida Trading AG is the solution, then our vision has been realised, and our high security and quality standards have been confirmed.

To fulfil our highly demanding objectives, Commodity Mida Trading AG is staffed only by in-house trained precious metal consultants, whose thorough, certified training render them expert advisors.