Customer Card

The Mida Customer Card

Customer service is the direct route to customer satisfaction for Commodity Mida Trading AG.

The Mida Customer Card is one of the many unique characteristics of Commodity Mida Trading AG, and enables the customer to directly access and view his precious metal deposits, change his details, and make purchases – all through a direct, secure connection, 24 hours a day, from any computer in the world.

The Mida Customer Card is also helpful in terms of discretion, foregoing all mail and correspondence, as all relevant documentation is stored digitally and securely.

In addition, the Commodity Mida Trading AG Customer Card offers an international emergency guarantee– where, in serious cases, the customer can withdraw €2000.00 in cash within 48 hours, nearly anywhere in the world.

The Mida Customer Card is delivered by post, or can be personally presented to you by one of our precious metals consultants, who will also help you to get started using your card.

In order to ensure perfect customer service, we are always working on additional uses to introduce to you!