Precious metal deposit

The premium precious metal deposit

The precious metal depot is 100% physically stored in silver and gold.

Deposit opening

  • Deposit opening from €1,000
  • Deposit opening pro rata from €50 per month
  • Purchase price from €250 (online access)


  • No fixed duration
  • Partial and full sales are possible at any time
  • Physical delivery worldwide
  • Endlessly variable sales amounts


  • Tax-free purchases of your precious metals
  • Metal buyback/redemption
  • The value increases are tax-free after 1 year
  • Personal attestation in the customer’s name
  • Mida Customer Card


  • Transparent cost index
  • Value report after purchasing precious metals
  • Comprehensible annual deposit statement with exact metal quantities and account balance


  • High security duty-free warehouse in Switzerland
  • Dynamic insurance coverage of precious metals
  • Continuous metal inventories auditing by the custodian